Executive Protection

Professional Executive Protection

We provide high-end executive protection for at-risk individuals and families for long-term and short-term needs at home or abroad. Our experienced, professional, discrete, and highly trained teams will implement an operational plan that suits your needs.

Residential Security

Our experts work closely with clients to design comprehensive residential executive protection security programs to protect individuals, their families, and staff. Privacy and effective coordination are always critical aspects of our world-class security service for at-risk people at home.

Embedded Security Consultants

We have the experience and the capabilities to develop and deliver an embedded security program tailored to your requirements. We will select the best fit experts to consult, advise, and guide you on the best strategy to support your security needs.

Security Concierge Services

To alleviate the logistical or administrative burden and ease your journey, we provide a range of concierge services to complement any protective security or driver operation. They include meet and greets, expediting customs, or picking up hotel keys ahead of your arrival.

GPS Tracking

We offer continuous global GPS tracking for people in high-risk locations for added peace of mind. In addition to real-time visibility of on-the-ground movements, the protected can check in, send a duress alert, and communicate with a security team at any time.

Secure Ground Transportation

We offer secure ground transportation services in every US state and nearly every country in the world. The benefit of our highly trained drivers pertains to security and safety, particularly in unfamiliar or under-developed locations.

Workplace Violence Response

Crisis24 assigns executive protection personnel to safeguard C-suite, employees, facilities, and other valuable assets, including intellectual property, when there are concerns of workplace violence or other forms of sabotage or harm.

Asset Protection

If a protection strategy is needed to cover the complete organizational environment, we conduct an assessment to determine the assets at risk and identify threats and vulnerabilities. We build an overall strategy and recommend steps to provide the highest possible protection.

Surveillance Detection Teams

We identify security vulnerabilities and offer countermeasures to mitigate and address these risks in the future. Using technical surveillance, our services detect, locate, and mitigate the risk and threat from technical devices, thereby safeguarding the private communications of our clients.

Investigations and Surveillance

Our investigators have extensive experience in investigative law, reporting techniques, background investigations, surveillance, interviewing, fraud, litigation issues, and information searches. We utilize state-of-the-art technology and a team-based approach to solving your unique challenges.

Site Security Surveys

Our site security surveys address overall safety, security, and privacy. They provide peace of mind by evaluating risks and determining the level of protection required for a specific circumstance. We consider all aspects of security, including physical, technical, digital, and procedural.

Event Security

Security and risk management is a crucial component when holding an event. We provide trusted local consultants as Event Security/Risk Managers to be your primary subject matter expert and take responsibility for all aspects of the event’s security.